Stephanie Gratzer
Plasma-Fibroblast Practitioner

Stephanie has been in the beauty industry her entire professional career. As a master Stylist for over 12 years, she has been working in top salons all the way from her home town of  London, Ontario to Toronto and has gone as far as western Canada.

Working with top industry  leaders for all these years, Stephanie has become proficient in her skills and continues to keep strong relationships with those that were her mentors and bosses.

On her quest of continual beauty education she completed her certification as a Plasma Fibroblast Practioner. The dream then became to open her own cosmetic clinic allowing her to share her passion for beauty.

Summer of 2018 the doors to her own clinic, London Cosmetic Clinic opened. LCC for short, Stephanie’s goal is to be different than the rest and that is evident the moment you walk through the doors at West 5.

LCC is an upscale clinic-like environment offering state of the art anti-aging and beauty treatments. We cater to every clients specific needs, and want you to feel like LCC is your second home. With our client lounge and rooftop patio, it’s easy for clients to add coming to LCC into their lifestyle and routine. 

At London Cosmetic Clinic we pride our selves in helping YOU look younger
than yesterday with our non-invasive cosmetic treatments.  

Contact us TODAY for your revolutionary skin tightening procedure.
Stephanie is committed to providing her clients with the best there is in cosmetic treatments.